The Dream

The Dream

What we Offer 

Sweet Briar + Co. is a modest clothing line based in Northern, CA. We offer unique trendy pieces that meet your everyday lifestyle without needing to alter or add to your outfit. Merging two dreams into one we have expanded our line to offer all natural handmade home and skincare, free of toxins and harsh chemicals.

How we Started

Our company was birthed through a dream I have always talked (years of talking) about, but was scared to take the "plunge," or leap of faith. I am a Teacher turned SAHM; with two beautiful daughters. Finding myself wanting to be able to raise my children and be a daily presence in their lives; I decided to FINALLY take the nerve-wracking step in launching my own business. 

Our home and skincare line was added later on and birthed out of a long spoken of dream too. I (Vanessa) have been making natural skincare and home products off and on for my family over the course of the last seven years.

In 2018 I had a deep desire to be able to stay home with my second newborn baby on the way. I was teaching FT at the time, and my three year old was attending preschool while I worked. During that time I teetered between two dreams my home and body care line or my own clothing line. I went with the latter and have spent the last two years devoting/building that business all the while my other dream still in the forefront of my mind.

During the craziest time in the world as I have ever known; the Coronavirus worldwide pandemic, I decided now was the time to launch Temple & Abode and shortly after merged it with my existing company Sweet Briar + Co. offering apparel, and expanding to offer more items with this new vision. Some may call me crazy as I had to jump through what seemed like never ending hoops to even establish my business let alone obtaining supplies was next to impossible. But we got through it, and believe it has made us even stronger to face this journey.

I pray you enjoy taking this journey with us! I look forward to building a long lasting relationship with you whether in person or via our online shop.

Our Name 

Many have asked where did you come up with the name?

I always say well, I have had a few names in my head based on the product I chose to offer, but nothing had quite stuck.

My grandparents live in OR and I spent many summers traveling to their ranch. The first time I took my daughter; while driving I was reading the road signs along the way. I seen a sign that said Sweet Briar next exit. I thought I like that "Sweet Briar," and it stuck with me; hence Sweet Briar + Co.  

The Journey

We hope and pray that throughout this new endeavor we will build lifelong relationships with many and be able to help your body and your home into the right direction of chemical free living.